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The Wipe Out Kids' Cancer Impact

There's nothing scarier than hearing, "Your child has cancer."

Cancer is the number one cause of death by disease among children. In America, 45 children are diagnosed daily. Even though 7 out of 8 kids survive, 66% of those who do have long-term chronic health issues throughout the rest of their lives. Think about that!


We lose more children to cancer than AIDS,

muscular dystrophy, cystic fibrosis, and asthma combined. 

Join us in providing support and hope to children with cancer. 

"I'm a fighter."

We're proud of our brave Warriors.

Wipe Out Kids' Cancer helps kids become survivors and heals familes.

Emily Jackson
Age 6

"We caught it early, and thankfully we found help at WOKC that gave us the confidence and resources to get her the level of care she so desperately needed."

- John and Nancy Jackson

Programs that work.


Since cancer affects the entire family, this unique WOKC program provides fun and free events throughout the year. All family members enjoy amusement venues, sporting events, holiday parties, and other social engagement activities…"medicine for the soul" as parents describe.

Wipe Out Kids' Cancer

Buddy Bags

A Buddy Bag is a sturdy rolling suitcase given to pediatric cancer patients admitted for an overnight stay in a WOKC partnering hospital. Filled with carefully selected hygienic, comfort, and entertainment items, they are designed to ease the transition from home or pediatrician’s office to the hospital.

WOKC Buddy Bags


WOKC has significantly impacted the pediatric cancer space by funding over $8 million for innovative and novel childhood cancer research projects. This seed money has yielded more than $22 million in additional grant money for further critical research study and discoveries.

Wipe Out Kids' Cancer


Only 4% of the National Cancer Institute's budget funds pediatric cancer. WOKC is doing its part by funding innovative pediatric cancer research and by providing family engagement opportunities and emotional support to the young heroes it serves. 

Please join us. Let’s go!

Wipe Out Kids' Cancer

Hope and support. 

Generous sponsors, donors, and friends make a difference!


Become a volunteer and help!

Volunteers participate in contributing, networking, serving, and advocating.

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