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Nothing's impossible.

Sponsors and donors provide the hope.

WOKC appreciates your support and makes it as simple as possible for you to engage and make a personal, foundation, and/or corporate gift in the most financially feasible, convenient, and tax-efficient method for you.  WOKC will steward your gift in any direction you prefer. Please let us know if you wish your gift to support Buddy Bags, Warriors, Research, or WOKC’s unrestricted general fund.  Be sure to let us know if you are making your gift “In Honor” or “In Memory” of someone special. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Individual Donations

Cash Donations : Donate conveniently online or mail a check to WOKC’s address below.

  • Double your donation at no cost to you - check here to see if your employer has a Matching Gift Program.  

  • Based on your cash flow needs, click here to make recurring monthly gifts. Be sure to check with your employer for details about a payroll deduction plan allowing you to conveniently make your gift.

In-Kind Donations : If you’d like to make an immediate difference in the life a child with cancer, WOKC will consider any items or experience you can donate to our Buddy Bag and Warrior programs. Please consider donating:

  • Items to fill WOKC Buddy Bags, designed to ease the transition from home or pediatrician’s office to the hospital – please email for more information.

  • Tickets to anything… amusement venues, sporting events, museums… WOKC Warrior families are up for anything they can enjoy as a family - please email for more information.


Asset Donations : WOKC can accept most gifts of assets including publicly traded securities (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, partnerships) and will review any other type of asset you would like to give.  

  • Many donors prefer the tax-efficient ease of giving appreciated stocks, bonds, or other assets. 

  • Anyone over the age of 70½ can make Qualified Charitable Donations (QDC) from their IRA.  Many donors prefer to use this method to satisfy their Required Minimum Distribution up to $100,000.

Legacy Planning : Consider including WOKC in your estate planning.  Your gift may be as simple as a bequest in your Will or Revocable Trust or through other more sophisticated estate planning techniques that provide tax efficiency.

(Please email if you are interested in or have questions about asset and/or legacy planning gifts.)


Corporate Partnerships, Sponsorships, and Other Support Opportunities

Whether you are interested in joining the ranks of WOKC’s Partners below, becoming a Sponsor of a WOKC signature event or organizing an event of your own to benefit WOKC, we would love to brainstorm with you to find fun ways work with you and your employees to further WOKC’s mission to work relentlessly for a day when cancer is no longer a threat to ANY child.


WOKC is currently reviewing applications for the Run For The Kids Sponsorships scheduled for Spring 2023, date TBD.  

(Please email if you are interested in engaging your corporation as a Partner or Sponsor.)    

Philanthropic Foundations & Trusts 

WOKC is the fortunate recipient of many significant one-time and recurring annual grants from many Foundations and Trusts and would be appreciative to have yours join the list.  We will steward your gift in any direction you prefer - please let us know if you prefer your gift to support Buddy Bags, Warriors, Research, or our general fund.  


(Please email if you are interested in your Foundation or Trust supporting WOKC’s Programs, Research or General fund.)    

Thank you for your interest! We will get back to you shortly.

General Inquiries

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