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Gold Ribbon

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

As of 2012, September has been recognized as Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Not only do we celebrate the advances in treatment and care and remember those we've lost, we also have the goal of raising awareness and funds for those affected. 

The Facts

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Cancer is the #1 cause of death by disease in children. 

45 children in the U.S. are diagnosed with cancer every day. 

1 out of 8 children will not survive. Approximately 1,700 children each year. 


66% of those who survive will have long-term chronic health conditions as adults. 

How You Can Raise Awareness & Funds 

Plan a fundraiser

September is a great month for a fundraiser. Get creative with an idea to raise funds for pediatric cancer! Here is an example from Ellie! She organized a lemonade and book stand and donated all proceeds to WOKC. 


Coordinate An Awareness Campaign

The color gold and the gold ribbon are symbols of support for pediatric cancer. Coordinate a day at school or in the office to wear gold to show support to those affected by pediatric cancer!

A Few Of Our Stories

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Haylie H-T.jpg

Haylie is a T-Cell ALL survivor and has been a part of the WOKC family since 2021! With aspirations of becoming a movie director, Haylie's strength and perseverance is admirable!

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Michael was diagnosed with ALL and is a 2016 WOKC Ambassador. His dream is to give others the self confidence they deserve when going through hair loss with scalp micropigmentation. He is an inspiration!

WOKC High School Fundraising Challenge

The Wipe Out Kids' Cancer High School Fundraising Challenge is a competition between multiple DFW high school student organizations to raise money for the mission at WOKC. Allen and Southlake competed in the inaugural WOKC High School Fundraising Challenge in 2022 and raised over $20,000. This year, Highland Park, Southlake, Denton Braswell, Rockwall Heath, Lovejoy, and Pottsboro will compete for the Luke Laufenberg Trophy. Each school is encouraged to plan and implement 2-5 fundraising activities within the 35-day window for competition. All schools must begin their 35-day window in the month of September in honor of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. "We absolutely love the creativity and effort these young students put forth in raising money to assist kids with pediatric cancer and their families," said WOKC CEO Kris Cumnock.

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